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Wacky Grand Park Ribbon Cutting, Old Spaghetti Movement?

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CIVIC CENTER: The northwestern section of the hotly-anticipated new Grand Park--which will stretch from City Hall to the Music Center when it's all done--opened today in truly grand fashion, with speakers including LA patron Eli Broad (whose Broad Museum is rising just above the park) and a very flashy music and dance number that culminated in the re-turning-on of the giant Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain. We'll have a full tour of the park tomorrow, but for now enjoy our crappy cell phone shots of the event--in case you can't tell, the dignitaries are standing on a platform in the new membrane pool while people on stilts hold the multi-colored ceremonial ribbons. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: A tipster tells us he happened by the on-top-of-Old-Spaghetti-Factory project site the other day (it's slated for a 22-story mixed-use tower) and: "Heavy equipment in there now digging." The site was cleared back in February and there is, as there very nearly always is, a lawsuit; we're looking into this latest action. [Curbed Inbox]

Grand Park

S. Grand Ave. & W. First St., Los Angeles, CA