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Los Angeles Ranked Worse For Social Butterflies Than Chicago

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Well, this is embarrassing: Coldwell Banker put together a list of the top cities for "Social Seekers," the "places which are perfect for the hip, trendy and fun at heart – those who would rather go out than stay home any night of the week," and Los Angeles, the nation's id, comes in fourth. After Chicago. Manhattan took the top spot, which makes sense--it has thousands of bars that stay open practically all night; Chicago and San Francisco rank second and third. (San Diego was ranked eighth, incidentally.) The rankings are "based on a range of attributes such as, access to public transportation, high volume of bars and restaurants, happening nightlife and great entertainment," so maybe we'll do better after this weekend, when Metro starts running the trains until 2 am (and maybe one day we'll get a last call later than 1:30 am, right?). Here's what Coldwell has to say about fourth placer LA: "Home to Hollywood, Los Angeles is the center of the entertainment industry. In addition to the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theatre, The City of Angels is also known for its music scene, clubs and restaurants. The Pacific Coast Highway is an easy escape for residents who want to get out of the city and enjoy gorgeous ocean views." Meanwhile, SoCal did manage to dominate the top ten for California--Marina del Rey crazily came in third, West Hollywood sensibly came in fourth, and Santa Monica came in fifth.

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