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Los Feliz Rent Survey: Prices Go Up From West to East

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Updated 3:53 pm: Oh, do we love a good rent survey. Developer/broker/blogger Moses Kagan is back with another dispatch on median rental prices in the North Central zone and this time he's crunching the numbers on fancy Los Feliz. There's plenty of data for this version, since the neighborhood is pretty big and encompasses multitudes ("the apartment-dense section to the west, the extremely pricey single family homes north of Los Feliz Blvd., and the walkable, restaurant- and bar-studded Los Feliz Village at the northern ends of Vermont and Hillhurst"). Somewhat surprisingly, two-bedroom rents in Los Feliz are lower than they are in Silver Lake (and one-bedrooms are about comparable). And the Silver Lake-adjacent part of the neighborhood is, predictably, the most desirable: "Generally, supply decreases and price increases as you move from west to east." (Update: Original MK post said "east to west." Everything is, indeed, still right with the world!)

All the data and link to the Craigslistings are available over at Kagan's site.
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