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Behold: Fake Silver Lake/Los Feliz Map of Movie Place Names

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Via kottke, British designers Dorothy have released a map poster that layers the Hollywood of the imagination (roughly) over the physical realities of Los Angeles, specifically the Los Feliz/Silver Lake zone. The Film Map, which FastCo Design describes as "a fantasy world of the ultimate fantasy world," includes more than 900 place names pulled from films (and not just films specific to Los Angeles), mapped roughly as if they made up the real city of Los Angeles. That means the map includes places created by and for movies (e.g., Jack Rabbit Slims, the bar from Pulp Fiction), films doubling as places (e.g., Sunset Boulevard and Chinatown), and names that just sound like places (e.g., Pineapple Express). The designers researched using Halliwell's Film Guide to compile movies that referenced streets, buildings, or parks, and grouped their place names "based on themes or genres," according to one of the designers. There are no literal connections between the films/place names and the physical realities of Los Angeles (Silver Lake Reservoir is renamed Reservoir Dogs), but either way the map is a fun celebration of our city's connection to the movies and a surprisingly complete archive of movies places.