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Site-Specific Art For Neutra VDL and Case Study House #21, Only 10 Left at MdR's Gallery Lofts

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SILVER LAKE: Big, exciting, wet things are coming soon to the Richard Neutra-designed Neutra VDL Research House. Artist Xavier Veilhan's site-specific installation "Architectones" opens on August 8 and the house's long-empty entry and rooftop pools will be filled for the occasion. Water aside, the exhibit will comprise "sculptures throughout the property, from the front garden through the ground floor and domestic quarters to the rooftop reflecting pool. Statues, models, and other objects dialogue with the Modernist structure: its glass facades, rooftops, water basins and fountains," according to a press release. The work will be soundtracked by Air (the French band) and, on opening night, Veilhan "will present an airborne performance: a plane carrying a monochrome banner as a blank, abstract announcement of the exhibition will fly above the Silverlake Reservoir." After he's done in Silver Lake (the show closes September 16), Veilhan plans to continue the project at other modernist landmarks around the world; next up is Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21 in the Hollywood Hills. And what's next for the Neutra VDL? A roof restoration, at last! [Curbed Inbox]

MARINA DEL REY: Just a little more than a year later, the Gallery Lofts (the ones in Marina del Rey, not the ones in the Arts District) are nearly full up--an email blast from last week tells us there are only 10 units left in the 100-unit building. And make of this what you will: a full half of the units sold have sold since January. While condos originally started in the $500,000s, the ones left begin in the mid-$600ks. [Curbed Inbox]

Gallery Lofts Marina del Rey

4115 Glencoe Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Neutra VDL Research House

2300 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA