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Silver Lake's Former Coffee Table Townhouse Project For Sale

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Here's a dispatch right out of left field: the former Coffee Table site in Silver Lake, which is slated for 45 townhouses, has been put up for sale. The development story on this parcel goes way back to 2006, when Piedmont Investment Company had plans to put up about 60 condos with retail space (including room for the beloved Coffee Table cafe). Last year, Miami-based Fifteen Group picked up the site and revived the development, eventually deciding on 45 townhouses with retail, designed by the Cuningham Group--they'd planned to start work this past spring or early summer (the Coffee Table and other buildings were demolished in February).

Now Eastsider LA reports that the 1.26 acre site is up for sale; the listing info (pdf) says the site is actually entitled for 40 two- and three-bedroom townhouses. While there's no asking price, Fifteen bought the property for about $8.2 million. Market notwithstanding, it seems a little crazy that developers can't make this site work, considering it's practically on top of the coveted Ivanhoe Elementary. An email to a rep for Fifteen Group hasn't been returned and meanwhile Fifteen has also been working on the nearby Morton Village project in Echo Park.
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