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Here's the Late Night Weekend Metro Schedule, Starting Friday

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Metro's exciting new late-night weekend (Friday/Saturday) schedules kick in this week for trains and the Orange Line. KCET has all the details as to when you need to stumble toward the station; here are your last calls for each end of each line:

Red Line
North Hollywood: 1:56 am
Union Station: 2:12 am

Purple Line
Wilshire/Western: 2:01 am
Union Station: 2:02 am

Blue Line
Long Beach Transit Mall to DTLA: 12:53 am
Seventh/Metro: 2:07 am
Long Beach Transit Mall to Wardlow Station: 3:07 am

Gold Line
Sierra Madre: 1:39 am (leaves Union Station at 2:12 am)
Atlantic: 1:43 am (leaves Union Station at 2:12 am)

Orange Line
Chatsworth Station: 1:50 am
North Hollywood: 2:53 am

Expo Line
Culver City: 1:49 am
Seventh/Metro: 2:12 am

Green Line
Redondo Beach: 1:58 am (transfers to Long Beach only, hits Blue Line junction at 2:20 am)
Norwalk: 2:09 am (transfers to Long Beach only, also meets Blue Line at 2:20 am)
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