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Mid-Century in Palmer & Krisel-Designed Corbin Palms Tract

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When you talk about the architects Palmer & Krisel working with the Alexander Construction Company, you're usually talking about Palm Springs--the team designed thousands of houses in the city and helped define its modern look. But before they did all that, they built Corbin Palms in Woodland Hills. According to the Eichler Network, the tract was developed with 287 houses between 1953 and 1955, and even Walt Disney fell in love; he "filmed the neighborhood for a segment of the 'America the Beautiful' movie that was shown at Disneyland's Cyclorama." The intervening years have been mixed for the tract--modern-lovers have snapped up some of the houses, but one neighbor says "There have been a lot of people who turned their homes into Tuscan villas, or what they thought a Tuscan villa would look like." This specimen has definitely not been Tuscaned, although it hasn't exactly been left untouched either. It has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, bamboo floors, and solar panels. Asking price is $499,000.
· 6407 Oakdale Ave [Zillow]
· The Elite Modern of Corbin Palms - Woodland Hills [Eichler Network]