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Grand Theft Auto Does Echo Park Lake, Last 5 For Alta Lofts

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LOS SANTOS: Last week, video game publisher Rockstar Games teased the world with a couple new stills from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V, which is set in Los Santos, a fictionalized LA. Check out a Downtown aerial and Echo Park Lake as they'll appear in the game (see a trailer here). Rockstar also implies that GTAV will have a ton of room to mess around in: "Fear not, [aircraft] are returning in what is our biggest open world game to date." [Rockstar Newswire]

LINCOLN HEIGHTS: After a long, crazy ride, the Alta Lofts seem to finally be close to a victory lap. Lender Citibank took the development back mid-conversion from its original owners in 2008; when the 104 unit building finally opened for sales in 2010, things were going so slowly that marketers tried out an auction. Now the building's announced that it's releasing its final five units, so nice work, Alta. [Curbed Inbox]

Alta Lofts

200 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA