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Weekend Home: Purple and Leopard Print in Laguna

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Taking a cue from our New York brothers, we'll be featuring a fun weekend getaway home each Sunday.

Location: Laguna Beach
Price: $935,000
Size: 1,698 sq. ft.

Traffic sucks! Who has time to drive into the mountains or to the airport. Therefore, we're looking at a weekend home a bit closer this week, specifically down the 5 to the seaside village of Laguna Beach. Thankfully, the quirky artists have been priced out of town so when you go you can be the quirkiest person there. And the quirky sort of personality needs a quirky home with leopard print carpets, swirly blue rooms and mismatched furniture. And of course you need some outdoor space to truly relax. Per the listing:"Located on a quiet street this home is ideal for indoor/outdoor living with a spacious and private rear two level patio, an oversized upper level outdoor deck with panoramic ocean views and a grassy lawn in front." The only downside is that you're about 3 miles from the closest beach.
· 28822 Alta Laguna Blvd [Redfin]