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LA's Architecture and Urban Design Thinking Has Had a Long, Strange Trip From 1987

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The LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design is turning 25 this year and to celebrate they've dug through their archives and put together Unfinished Business, showing now at Woodbury University's WUHO Gallery in Hollywood. The conversation around architecture and urban design has grown up a lot since 1987 when the group was founded (it started as a reading group) and the exhibition shows just how opinions--the big walls are set up as "conversations" grouping together thoughts on one subject from a variety of people and time periods. Essays and quotes come from architect/critic Aaron Betsky; WeHo's late urban designer John Chase; author/historian Mike Davis; starchitect Frank Gehry; and many, many more. (Especially good quotes have been pulled out and printed--by the iconically LA Colby Poster company--on eye-searingly bright posters. We'll have a few of those to give away next week.)

Unfinished Business also includes "speculative work on Los Angeles provoked by past LA Forum design competitions, ranging from proposals to re-program abandoned shopping malls (Dead Malls, 2002) to reconsiderations of the future of Los Angeles’ ubiquitous dingbat apartment buildings of the 1950s and 60s (Dingbat 2.0, 2010)" (more on that one here), as well as videos, a little library section, and a big old Thomas Guide map. Those giant paperclippy things you see are an installation called "Pendulum Plane" designed by Oyler Wu in 2008. The show is open through August 26; more info here.
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