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$100 Million Central Park Village Bringing Apartments and Medical Offices to Brea

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A developer in Brea, just across the border that separates Orange and Los Angeles counties, will spend big money--$100 million plus--to build a 15 acre mixed-use project on the former site of the Brea Community Hospital. According to the Orange County Register, the Central Park Village project will include 452 apartments, 66,000 square feet of commercial space, 35,000 square feet for medical offices (including an urgent care center), and a one-acre, privately-managed park. The Brea City Council approved the project earlier this week in what OCR portrays as an unadulterated love fest.

The project will be built in five phases, with the medical office building completed in the first phase. As for the rest, under scrutiny of Control-F, the staff report presented to the city council produces the word "parking" exactly seven times, but never while putting a figure to the total amount of spots that will be built to support the mix of uses on the site. Luckily, the environmental impact report mentions that there will be a total of 1,246 parking spaces onsite, mostly located in two parking structures of four to five levels.

Meanwhile, here's more on those apartments: "The residential component of the project includes 83 single-family attached townhomes (2-3 levels) and 369 multi-family rental apartments in a stacked flat configuration of 3-4 levels (Exhibit 1-3). The apartments will likely be converted to condominiums at a later date. Project buildout is projected in 2016." And, just so everyone knows, "Not less than 20 percent of the total parking, walking or patio surfaces shall be permeable." But let's not get carried away: "This requirement does not include parking garages."
· Brea council approves $100 million-plus project [OC Register]