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Another Bunch of Little Houses Planned For Echo Park

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Conceptual drawings (not final plans!) via Eastsider LA

Echo Park is going to be half Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance projects soon--the city ordinance allows developers to build a bunch of detached housing units on a single lot and projects have been been cropping up all over the neighborhood (planned examples include LocalConstruct's Blackbirds and Fifteen Group's Morton Village). Eastsider LA reports that OC-based Planet Home Living has picked up a 5,600 square foot property on Echo Park Avenue, right near Morton Village, and it intends to build five three-story houses under the Small Lots ordinance. The houses will be very narrow, some less than 20 feet wide, and come with two-car garages. They're planning to start construction next year.
· O.C. developer can’t get enough of Echo Park [Eastsider LA]