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Listing for the $1 Former Punk Palace, Help Brand the LA River

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LITTLE TOKYO: Metro is selling the former punk hangout/current home of Señor Fish on First Street for a buck (they need the space to build a subway line) and here is the ad for all would-be buyers, courtesy of the Downtown News's digital edition (see jump for the full advertisement). [Curbed Staff]

ARTS DISTRICT: Tomorrow, the Noun Project is hosting an "Iconathon" for the LA River at the LALA Gallery on Willow Street. The "Iconathon" is a community workshop where Angelenos will be asked to help craft symbols and signage to better mark the LA River and make folks more aware of its presence. Those who attend can sketch their ideas for symbols representing green space, boating, parks, river access points, drainage ditches, etc. The idea is that symbols transcend language and get people more involved in river restoration, currently in high gear. The event runs from 11 am to 4 pm, making it easy to stop by the nearby music and food-laden Bloomfest LA, thrown in honor of dearly-departed Arts District businessman and store owner Joel Bloom. [Curbed Inbox]