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Barney's Warehouse Sale Canceled, Benjamin Millepied at MOCA, Brooke Burke's Lingerie Line

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DOWNTOWN: Barneys is moving its big bi-annual Warehouse Sale online and, as a result, they have canceled the physical sale typically held at the LA Convention Center Downtown. Shoppers can sign up online now for access to the web sale, which will be held at a as-yet unannounced date in the next few months.

DOWNTOWN: Benjamin Millepied, along with MOCA, will be putting on a trio of dance and art performances this summer. The second will feature costumes by LA fashion house Rodarte and the first will feature work by Drew Barrymore. Yes, that's as in Drew Barrymore, the actress.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burke has a new gig designing affordable lingerie. Racked stopped by the press preview for the line, named IntiMINT, and grabbed a few moments with the woman of the hour. Of her creations, Burke says, "I encourage woman to experiment and wear pieces that are intentionally bold." The undies are priced from $20 to $80.
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