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Atwater Village Two-Bedrooms Approaching Silver Lake Prices

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Developer/broker/blogger Moses Kagan is back with another survey of rents on the eastish-side, having already concluded that Silver Lake is expensive, Highland Park is half the price, and Echo Park falls somewhere in the middle. Now over the river to Atwater Village, for when you've finished your Short Stop-fueled boozing and are ready to make some babies and get a dog. The survey looked at June rents and, as Kagan notes, "The survey size is very small, because there aren’t many units in Atwater (which is mostly a single family home type of place). There were only 12 bona-fide Atwater Village rentals available when we looked at the data." That said, one-bedrooms were in particularly short supply, while two-bedroom rents are "approaching Silver Lake numbers." Here's the breakdown:

-- Median rent for a studio was $1,150. (Highland Park = $800; Echo Park = $1,050; Silver Lake = $980)

-- Median rent for the two one-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $1,372.50. (Highland Park = $925; Echo Park = $1,150; Silver Lake = $1,400)

-- Median rent for two-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $2,095. (Highland Park = $1,100; Echo Park = $2,347.50; Silver Lake = $2,195)

-- Median rent for the couple of three-bedroom/two bathrooms was $3,700.
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