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Scenes From Orange Line Extension's Opening Day in the Valley

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The Orange Line busway extension opened on Saturday and "drew nearly 10,000 boardings over the weekend," with 7,000 riders on Saturday alone, reports the Daily News (for comparison, the new Expo Line light rail saw about 44,000 riders on its first day in April). The four-mile extension runs north-south between the existing (east-west) line's Canoga station and the Chatsworth Metrolink station and so far has been incident-free as cars seem to have gotten the hang of this dedicated busway thing by now: "Metro officials said there were no glitches or accidents reported as a result of the extended busway. When the original portion of the Orange Line opened, there were a dozen vehicle related accidents the first year." Of course they did have some help from Metro staff, as well as "new traffic lights, red lights embedded in the road asphalt, flashing lights that indicate a bus is coming and red light arrows that warn against making a right turn on red onto the busway." Down below, check out Metro's jauntily-scored video of the opening day action.

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