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NFL Commish Says LA Stadium Should Be Able to Host 2 Teams

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is getting downright flirtatious about bringing a football team (or two) back to Los Angeles--he sent a memo Friday to the NFL's 32 teams outlining what needs to happen to get a team in town. In case you missed it, LA Live developer AEG has been doggedly (and so far successfully) working on a plan to build a football stadium Downtown; developer Majestic still claims it's in the running with its stadium plans in Industry. The LA Times reports that Goodell referred to both plans and wrote: "Although substantial uncertainties remain?stadium development in Los Angeles has advanced to the point where the prospects for a new facility are better than they have been in many years." But he has some requests, according to the AP: "Given that simultaneous league-wide investment in two stadiums in the same community is unlikely?we believe that the best approach will be a single site where an iconic facility could credibly both host two teams and provide ancillary entertainment and development opportunities." He specifically mentioned a hall of fame, NFL Network studios, and youth football facilities.

Goodell added that "We are also exploring the availability of other sites in the Los Angeles area," which the LAT says are probably in Carson and at Hollywood Park (not Chavez Ravine?). And he stipulated that in order for a team to move, a solid stadium deal has to be in place, the team has to have exhausted options in its current market, and there has to be an alternative site (like the Coliseum or Rose Bowl) that can host until the stadium is ready. He emphasized that the league as whole will make the call on the move--two-thirds of teams will have to approve any plan.

Goodell says the league isn't really considering expansion right now, but any existing teams who want to move to LA will have to apply between January 1 and February 15, 2013. The league will probably take a vote at its annual meeting in March 2013.
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