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Will Silver Lake Reservoir Drain Be Home Sales Apocalypse?

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The LA Times checks out Silver Lake's latest drama, over whether the LADWP should tear up West Silver Lake Drive or drain the Silver Lake Reservoir for 18 months--one of the two is going to have to be done in the course of construction of a new federally-compliant reservoir to replace the SL one. On one side sits construction noise, dust, and loss of business (which some residents have already previewed); on the other: an empty reservoir. One real estate agent, who we must mention "sprinkl[es] four-letter words in the conversation about Streamline Moderne architecture," thinks that's going to be bad news for home sales in the neighborhood: "'It's counterproductive for what's going on in the neighborhood,' he said, noting that Southern California home sales in May were up 21%." But even so the DWP now says it's "75% for going through reservoir." That's at least in part because it'll cost about $20 million less than going under West Silver Lake. The DWP is holding a community meeting on the matter on July 11 and could start the great drain by the end of 2013.
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Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039