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Inside Jesse Bornstein Architecture's Kahn Residence in SaMo

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The Sunday before last, Dwell on Design held the third of three (three!) home tours, covering several houses on the Westside. We've already seen the Eastside Home Tour: here, here, and here and seen a few prefabs: here and here, now here we go west.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

For the Kahn Residence in Santa Monica, Jesse Bornstein Architecture kept the original house's "nearly-square footprint," but gutted the rest and created a huge central atrium space with "non-orthogonal appendages" shooting off to form more intimate spaces. The house is topped with a rooftop deck (sporting some very lovely views) and filled with oddball art, including "porcelain castings of Italian Renaissance angel wings in the master bath/shower and stenciled tiles in secondary bathrooms."
· Kahn House [Jesse Bornstein Architecture]