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Glendale-Hyperion Bridge River Park Finally Breaking Ground

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The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan is starting to deliver on some of its lofty ambitions, at least a little bit. Echo Park-Silver Lake Patch reports that the city has scheduled a July 25 groundbreaking for Sunnynook Park , a 3.4 acre project that's a priority in the LARRMP, and which has been promised since 2008 (pdf). The $1.7 million park will be built on the west bank of the river where the Hyperion Bridge connects Atwater Village and Silver Lake, adding a filtration system, native plantings, picnic areas, and an outdoor classroom. The Glendale Narrows (a natural-bottomed part of the river) is starting to compile a nice portfolio of amenities: the existing LA River Bike Path passes by the park, and the recently completed Red Car Park is nearby on the east bank of the river.
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