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Carmageddon II: 405 Shuts Down Last Weekend in September

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The Avengers was lame, The Amazing Spider-Man was silly, The Dark Knight Rises won't live up to the hype--when all the other summer blockbusters have disappointed, we will still have Carmageddon II: The Un-Car-ening. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's website has just announced a release date for the second full, 53 hour closure of the 405 Freeway: shutdowns begin Friday, September 28 around 7 pm and end Monday, October 1 at 5 am. Last summer's Carmageddon was a massive success; everyone was so terrified of gridlock that they spent the weekend in their own neighborhoods, walking and biking and maybe even taking the train. On top of that, work finished up early and the freeway was back open on Sunday instead of Monday. (Also planking was still a thing at the time.) But don't get cocky! Officials are still warning everyone to stay the hell off the roads and saying that work is unlikely to finish early, since there's more to do this time around.

Just like last year, this year's Carmageddon will close the 405 for 10 miles, from the 10 to the 101, as workers demolish the north side of the Mulholland Bridge in order to widen the freeway (and add a carpool lane). Meanwhile, the Rampture, the work to reconfigure the Wilshire Boulevard on- and off-ramps, is going on for the next year.

And with the Space Shuttle Endeavour traveling from LAX to Expo Park a few weeks later, it's going to be an awesome, taking-to-the-streets October in LA.
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