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Samuel Goldwyn's Old Heineman-Designed House Below Runyon

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Well if it isn't another day and another Italianate packed with some excellent old LA history. The Fuller House, which sits on nearly three-quarters of an acre just off Franklin near Runyon Canyon, was built in 1916 for RE Fuller, who, according to Discover Hollywood, "developed this part of Hollywood and after whom the adjacent Fuller Street is named." It was designed by Arthur S. Heineman, who invented the motel and, with his brother Alfred, designed a few mansions and many bungalows around SoCal. Sometime around 1925, Samuel Goldwyn--cofounder of Paramount Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures (which eventually became MGM)--moved in with his second wife, the very minor actress Frances Howard. It appears to be owned currently by Takashige Ichise, the Japanese producer responsible for the originals of The Ring and The Grudge. The property includes seven bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a dining room with butler's pantry, a screening room, a sun room, a breakfast room, Batchelder tile fireplaces, a guesthouse, a pool, an outdoor living room, "and walking paths through peaceful gardens and fountains." Asking price is $4.895 million.
· 1800 Camino Palmero Street Los Angeles, CA [Estately]