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Here Are 12 of Los Angeles's Scariest Bridges

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With work underway to replace the Sixth Street Viaduct (which has concrete cancer), the Architect's Newspaper wonders what's up with fixing the all those other problematic bridges in Los Angeles. They cite the 2011 Transportation for America survey of the nation's bridges, which "finds that in Los Angeles County alone, over 60 bridges have been deemed 'structurally deficient,' with at least one of the three parts of each bridge identified by engineers as having a 'major defect.'" Terrifying! And it gets terrifyinger: "The report’s grimmest news is not the sheer quantity of bridges under duress but the critical bridge locations at risk. The study’s geo-location graphic bleeds red at the most used sections of the Los Angeles freeway system." We've rounded up a few of the more notable ailing bridges (number one with a bullet for us has to be the 105/110 interchange, where a person could have a panic attack even if it weren't in trouble).
· The Fix We’re In For: The State of Our Bridges [Transportation For America]