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Regents About-Face, Support UCLA Hotel/Conference Center

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The building panel of the University of California Board of Regents signed off yesterday on UCLA's big plans to build a seven-story hotel and conference center on campus at the current site of Parking Structure Six, reports the LA Times. Westwood residents and hoteliers aren't that keen on the plan; the former have the usual traffic concerns and the latter are worried about competition (the 250-room UCLA hotel will have slightly lower rates than neighboring hotels). The full Board of Regents considers the matter today and is expected to vote in favor of the plan, which is interesting considering just a few months ago they suggested the university drop the plan and buy a nearby hotel instead: "Since then, UCLA officials said, they have looked at other options, including buying an existing off-campus hotel, but found that none had sufficient meeting rooms." The development is expected to cost $162 million and is partially funded by a $50 million gift from Meyer and Renee Luskin (the center will be named for them); the regents think room and dining revenues will cover bond payments on the rest. Construction is scheduled to start next summer and finish up in mid-2016.
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