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Surfer-Architect's Post and Beam Work in Crestwood Hills

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Architect Matt Kivlin's an interesting guy--according to the Encyclopedia of Surfing, he's "often cited as California's best wave-rider in the late 1940s and early '50s," and he made major surfboard design breakthroughs in that time, but he never got a lot of media attention (and never entered a contest), and gave it all up in 1962. It's unclear whether he designed or just restored this house in Brentwood's Crestwood Hills development (it would've been pretty early--the house was built in 1957), but he was involved somehow, according to the listing. (NB: Most of Crestwood Hills was designed by A. Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith.) The house has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, walnut floors, a dining room, a pool, a patio, and a hillside deck. Asking price is $2.295 million.
· 12305 ROCHEDALE Ln [Redfin]