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Bret Easton Ellis Says Nikki Finke Is Threatening Building Staff

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Oh, thank god, there's an update on the totally ridiculous beef between Less Than Zero author Bret Easton Ellis and Deadline Hollywood gossip Nikki Finke--if you tuned in last week, you know that highly secretive Finke is seriously pissed off at Ellis for tweeting that they live in the same building (it's not much of a secret that Ellis lives in West Hollywood's Doheny Plaza). Deadline's parent company owns a unit in the building, but it's not actually clear if Finke occupies it. Either way, Ellis took a break from obsessing over the 50 Shades of Grey film adaptation to tell Twitter that Finke has taken her displeasure to the building's staff and management:

Meanwhile, Ellis tells The Hollywood Reporter "We live in a new age, and if she doesn’t get that info is traded like currency, she really is behind the times." On another note, someone will definitely not be inviting Bret Easton Ellis to any more of their parties.
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