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NoHo's Red/Orange Line Connector to Start Work in October

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Valley commuters rejoice--a much-desired underground walkway between the Red Line subway and the Orange Line busway in North Hollywood is happening, according to a report from Metro. So no more waiting for the walk signal to cross busy Lankershim, missing a bus or train, and hating life. The schematics give us a headache, but it appears the walkway will connect the subway's mezzanine level to the street-level Orange Line via stairs, escalators, and elevators. The contractor is expected to build illuminated signs for commuters, maintain an existing mural in the subway station, and cover the walkway in ceramic and porcelain tile. Looks like preliminary engineering on the pedestrian underpass is done, design/build contracts went out for bid in March, and contractor bids were due yesterday. The chosen contractor is expected to start work in October and finish the tunnel in two years (yeah, ugh).
· NoHo May Get Underground Tunnel Between Red, Orange Lines [Curbed LA]