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Inside the Home Depot House Three Men Built in a County Park

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Images via Daily Mail

FYI to the homeless, the foreclosed-upon, and the marijuana cultivating: you can probably get away with setting up a nice little living situation in a county park for a while. Parks deputies were patrolling the Tujunga Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary recently and came upon a little house with "four bunk beds built into the walls, tables, shelves and fire extinguishers on the walls," as well as a rock patio and barbecue (how lovely!), reports City News Service. Their nearby garden consisted of eight marijuana plants. Three men were found at the building; one said he'd started building the house out of Home Depot parts about eight months ago, according to NBC LA. It was well-camouflaged in trees and paint. It's illegal to spend the night in a county park (and to grow pot without proper documentation) and one man was arrested "on suspicion of cultivating marijuana and removing plants and trees from a county park." The other two were cited and released. The structure will be removed in the next couple weeks.
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· Man Living in Park Arrested on Suspicion of Cultivating Marijuana, Removing Trees [NBC LA]