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Oakwood Resident Could Be Evicted For Splashing Smokers

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There is a pretty weird neighbor battle going down in the Oakwood Woodland Hills, which is usually known for temporarily housing child actors and the like. Resident John Birke has gone an anti-secondhand-smoke crusade and tells the Daily News that the property is suing to try to evict him for "alleged confrontations Birke made beginning two years ago toward smokers in the pool area of the complex, including splashing smokers with water and taking their photographs." Birke is a lawyer himself and repped Smokefree Air For Everyone back in the nineties when they helped get the City Council to ban smoking in restaurants. Back in 2006, he filed a lawsuit against Oakwood alleging "a public nuisance existed at the apartment complex because management allowed smoking by tenants and visitors in outdoor common areas." His wife also sued Oakwood Worldwide earlier this year, saying secondhand smoke has affected her health. Birke tells the paper "I don't consider myself an anti-smoking activist ... I don't care if people smoke. I just want to make sure those who don't want to be exposed are not exposed against their will."
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