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Little Thing Ruined on Sunset Blvd., Makeover at Bev Hills Ford

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HOLLYWOOD: We've got a bit of a reader rant about an adulterated building on Sunset--as our informant mentions in a redacted part of his email, it's the little things that make a good-looking city: "My morning walk to groundwork coffee on Sunset was ruined today. As I passed by this simple, one-story office building on the south side of Sunset at Wilcox, I slowed, stared, and shed a tear. There's not much to the structure - it's just a strict rectilinear windowless black brick box at midblock that anchors a long, low glass block wall stretching to the corner (not an) entrance, defined by a low planter with roses. For the past few years, every day that I walked by this building, I admired the small detail of the raw concrete floor slab that projects out a few inches at the base of the long glassblock wall and runs all the way to the corner, wrapping around and forming the edge of the little rose garden. How lovely, I thought, each time I passed, how subtle but effective. It made the building feel a little more sophisticated than it otherwise might, especially with all those glass blocks.

"Well, some asshole painted that concrete floor slab, as well as the mullions, the blank frieze above the glassblock wall, and brick boxes - BEIGE." [Curbed Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: Anyone know what's up with the Beverly Hills Ford? A tipster writes "For the past two years, I've driven by the old Beverly Hills Ford dealership site and there's been an array of contraction activity where they gutted the interior of the place. In the last two months, they've stepped it up a notch - all new windows, new exterior, but nary a sign or acknowledgment of what this site will become. Any ideas? Another dealership? Something else?" [Curbed Inbox]