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Cardboard Gardeners in Bel Air, Real Estate Gets Deals Website

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BEL AIR: A reader spotted this hardworking cardboard cutouts near Sunset and Beverly Glen last week--these are the work of West Hollywood-based Ramiro Gomez, who "For the last eight months ... has made the invisible visible by installing life-size cardboard cutouts of nannies, gardeners, valet workers and housekeepers in Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills and other wealthy areas." The LA Times wrote about the project last month. [Curbed Inbox]

THE INTERNET: Movoto has launched "the world's first daily deal website for homes." SpotProperty is free and "scours property data and housing trends from over one million for-sale properties in 50 metro areas throughout the US in order to identify the best deals in each local market. Each day, potential homebuyers receive a message with a recently listed property that fits their desired search criteria and is selling below market value." NB: the site will sometimes send short sales or foreclosures, but they'll typically be "priced at 10-20% below the current market value." Beware of bidding wars! [Curbed Inbox]