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Metro Trains, Orange Line to Run Until 2 on Weekend Nights

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Metro has a nice present for party animals looking to save money on cabs (or avoid DUIs)--the transit agency's Source blog announced today they will start running all Friday and Saturday night trains (Red, Purple, Gold, Blue, Green, and Expo) until 2 am, while the Valley's popular Orange Line busway won't close until 2:40 am, so as to meet up with the last North Hollywood-bound subway car. On top of that good news, trains and Orange Line express buses will run every 20 minutes up until close. The new service will likely begin on July 27, but The Source says that will be confirmed as the date nears. Late night service on the Silver Line express bus, which connects Downtown to Artesia, is also being considered. Many commenters on The Source seem appreciative and view this as a step toward 24-hour transit service, or at least trains running until 3 am, so folks can partake in last call.
· Metro to run all trains and Orange Line busway until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights!!! [The Source]