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Solair Gets a Champagne Room, Tour the Renovated Palace

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We're cutting out a little early for a summer Friday. Have a cool afternoon, everyone, and we'll meet you back here tomorrow for weekend coverage.

KOREATOWN: Ridiculous amenity alert! Solair, the big condo complex at Wilshire and Western, recently opened a Live Here Lounge--it was designed by Susan Manrao to host new buyers and events, and includes "the first celebratory champagne toasting chamber" (a signing room with built-in Miele wine refrigerators), as well as an 800 pound bronze chandelier. The lounge "takes a page from Philip Johnson's Glass House" and "cantilevers over an urban cityscape." [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Broadway's 101 year old Palace Theatre got a big restoration last year ("Artisans and craftsmen peeled back years of alterations and wear and tear to reveal the beautiful theatre hidden underneath.") and the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is showing off the work in a behind the scenes tour tomorrow. The contractor and other workers will be there to talk before and after. All the info's here. [Curbed Inbox]


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