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SaMo Close to Banning Smoking in Apartments and Condos

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Santa Monica has given preliminary approval to a new smoking ban for multi-family housing, reports the Santa Monica Mirror. The proposed ordinance, which was approved by the city council but still requires a second vote later this month for full approval, will prohibit smoking for new occupancies of multi-family residences (i.e., apartment and condo buildings). In addition, it would require that tenants in currently occupied units disclose their smoking status--once a unit has been disclosed as non-smoking, its occupants will be prohibited from smoking, even if the current resident's chainsmoking mother-in-law moves in. However, city staff is quoted explaining that current smokers can keep their bad habits: "All current tenants who choose to designate their units for smoking, or those that remain undesignated, would be exempted ... Thus, all current tenants who smoke would thereby be allowed to continue smoking in their units." The new prohibition would not apply to single-family residences. There are seven California cities that have similar but more expansive ordinances. Santa Monica has a few smoking prohibitions for residential areas already on the books, including a 2009 ordinance that prohibits smoking in common areas of apartment or condo buildings. A 2011 ordinance banned smoking in new hotels.
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