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John Lautner's Garwood Residence in Malibu Asking $15.9MM

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There are several downright mindblowing John Lautner-designed houses in Malibu (Michael LaFetra's Stevens House, for instance, or former Dodgers co-owner Jamie McCourt's Segel House). This is not one of them. The Garwood Residence was built in either 1970 or 1972 and, to be fair, it looks like the blame lies a little with Lautner and a lot with some weird remodeling and staging. Either way, the house, which sits on Grayfox Street, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, "heated sandstone floors from India," a tennis court, a "soothing pebble stone pool and spa," an outdoor master shower, and a gym. It also comes with beach access to Little Dume. Asking price is $15.9 million.
· 28815 GRAYFOX St [Redfin]