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Did Bret Easton Ellis Out Nikki Finke as Living in Doheny Plaza?

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Bret Easton Ellis is the novelist who made everyone afraid of soulless LA teenagers and murderous bankers back in the eighties and early nineties. Nikki Finke is the highly secretive, somewhat feared entertainment gossip reporter who heads Deadline Hollywood. They apparently really, really hate each other. The Observer reports that Ellis tweeted some nasty words today about Finke and said that she had threatened to sue him. Gawker has a theory that the lawsuit stems from an Ellis tweet from a few weeks ago:

Now it's a matter of both the public record and the publishing record that Ellis lives in the Doheny Plaza condos (the main character in his Imperial Bedrooms lives in a unit in the Doheny Plaza "identical" to Ellis's). Finke, meanwhile, is so private that in three years, not even mighty Gawker has been unable to nab a photo of her, and that's with a $1,000 bounty. The Daily supposedly got a shot of her coming out of a building in Westwood last year, but that's been highly disputed.

And Gawker happened to notice that Deadline's parent company Penske Media Corporation bought a unit in the building late last year for $830,000 (and The Hollywood Reporter, incidentally, once offered Finke a $1 million house in Malibu in the hopes of luring her from Deadline). Which means nothing, of course, about Finke's place of residence!
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