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Arts District Getting (Fancy, Locally-Sourced) Supermarket

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An 8,200 square foot metal shed with a funky chipmunk mural will soon be the home to Downtown's newest grocery store (it's a downright influx!), its owners announced today. Named Urban Radish, the Mateo Street market will offer locally-produced food to residents and visitors of the southern Arts District. Owners Keri Aivazis and Carolyn Paxton play up the emphasis on "farm-to-fork" food, saying in a press release that the store will offer "seasonal fresh produce, high quality meats and seafood, dairy and other daily necessities." There will also be a deli counter, with to-go stuff and coffee, blogdowntown reports. Also touted is ample parking--the shed sits in the middle of a lot across from the Biscuit Company and Toy Factory lofts, with plugs for electric car charging. Urban Radish plans to open in early 2013, good news for area residents who have to schlep two miles to the nearest full-service supermarket (Paxton told blogdowntown the area was a "food desert.") Downtowners have long clamored for more grocery options--the store will be a bit smaller than an average Trader Joe's, the holy grail of Downtown retail desires and it's definitely more indie than the planned Chinatown Walmart. It's not clear if the chipmunk will stay, but it was painted on the shed as part of the LA Freewalls Project.
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