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Reimagining Silver Lake's Dead Circuit City: Park, Library, Market?

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The blog Los Angeles I'm Yours is disappointed that the shuttered Circuit City on Sunset is being revived as boring, old offices for next door's Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Inspired by the famous Texas Walmart that morphed into the McAllen Public Library, the blog has a few ideas should the hospital ever relinquish the space (they're currently renovating the old store and plan to move workers in by the end of the year). LAIY wishes that local architects like Neil Denari, Taalman Koch, Mia Lehrer, or Anonymous Architects could lend their talents to reimagining the space and its ample parking lot. "With a park, the building could function as an indoor/outdoor pavilion and would be very useful for the many, many, many concerts and events that happen in and around Sunset Junction. Along those lines, it could function as or be an outdoor movie [theater]."

Other suggestions: a European-style public square, with the former electronics purveyor becoming a cafeteria, or a set of small restaurants. The store could also be turned into a museum or cultural center, celebrating LA's eastern environs. How about a community garden? The point being, according to the blog, is that it's about time LA has its own McAllen Public Library.
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Silver Lake Circuit City

4400 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA