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Space Shuttle Endeavour Moving Party Happening This October

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Get psyched for Giant-Object-Moving-Focused Citywide Block Party Part Two: Space Edition. This fall, the decommissioned space shuttle Endeavour, which NASA recently transferred to the city, will journey from Cape Canaveral to LAX and then through the streets of LA to the California Science Center in Exposition Park. This--moving a huge thing very slowly through town--may sound familiar. The Daily Breeze reports that Endeavour, which has a 78-foot wingspan and is more than five stories high on its belly, will "ride piggyback" from Florida on a Boeing 747 in late September. LAX was picked because of its long runways; the shuttle will hang out at the airport (in a United Airlines hangar) for a couple weeks before heading out for Expo Park. Then: "During an early morning in mid-October, the shuttle will emerge from the hangar and move through LAX's north airfield, leading to a temporary halt in aircraft operations." After that, a tenish mile trip at about 2 mph. Once it arrives at the CSS, it'll be temporarily set up for viewing in a hangar and eventually make its home (possibly standing up) in a new building.
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California Science Center

700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045