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Biggest Craftsman House in the US (With Built-In Pipe Organ) Listed in Los Feliz Oaks For $12 Million

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We first became aware of the existence of the estate known as Artemesia a few weeks ago when we came across a notice on Craigslist advertising its guest house for rent. Today, the property's main house hits the market, and can someone please fetch us some smelling salts, because boy, is it a doozy. Per the listing, the 13,250 square foot home "is the largest Craftsman residence in the U. S." Located on a 1.79 acre lot in the same gated neck of the Los Feliz Oaks as Brangelina's compound, the century-old Artemesia's features include seven bedrooms and baths, six Batchelder fireplaces, a sleeping porch complete with Murphy bed, a built-in concert pipe organ, modern HVAC, upgraded electrical systems, a security detection system, ponds and waterfalls, and the aforementioned guest house with three-car garage. Asking price is $11.995 million.
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