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Permanent, Precarious House Hung Off Top of UCSD Building

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A high-wire artistic statement on the anxieties attached to our homes opened to the public at UC San Diego yesterday. The installation "Fallen Star" by Do Ho Suh was commissioned by UC San Diego's Stuart Collection and has taken permanent residence on top of (and extending from) Jacobs Hall at the Jacobs School of Engineering. The installation comes complete with a winding brick path cutting through a generically landscaped front yard that includes tomatoes, wisteria vine, and a plum tree. Inside the house, a three-quarter representation of a house in Rhode Island, the mantle of the fireplace includes framed photos of deans of the Jacobs School; photos elsewhere in the house show donors' families. The house teeters at a ten degree angle and offers panoramic views of the surrounding La Jolla environs. According to designboom, the installation represents displacement anxiety, recalling "the perception of one's surroundings existing as both familiar and foreign" (i.e., it's not a metaphor for predatory lending practices or the plight of a middle class built on the federal government's support of the housing industry).
· Do Hu Suh "Fallen Star" 2012 [Stuart Collection]
· do-ho suh: fallen star now open to the public [designboom]