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Where's This Church From Jake Gyllenhaal's The Good Girl?

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A reader across the country is desperate to find this church location from the 2002 Jennifer Aniston/Jake Gyllenhaal affair film The Good Girl. He says he's talked to crew members, scoured the online maps, and talked to local chambers of commerce. So here's what he knows so far:

* It’s a real church (though I’m not sure what denomination) or, if not technically a church, a building with religious connections. * It has a large parking lot out front.

* It’s at a corner, and the street it’s on is a rather main (i.e. busy) one.

* It’s somewhere in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita. (That’s not exactly narrowing my search parameters!)

And if you want the background, here's what happens in the one church scene: "Phil (John Reilly) and his wife, Justine (Jennifer Aniston), show up at the church to attend bible study. As they are walking in, Justine sees the clerk who works at the motel where she has been having an extramarital affair with Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal). She does a quick about-face and tells her husband that they can’t go in. Her excuse? They forgot their bibles."
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