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Mixed-Use Reno of Hollywood's Galaxy Inn is Rainbow Bright

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It remains to be seen how the renovation of the decrepit Galaxy Inn into mixed-use supportive housing for mentally ill, formerly homeless people will affect the sad Hollywood corner of Santa Monica and Vine, but feel free to make an aesthetic assessment of the makeover now. AMJ Construction has these renderings of the project--which will include 34 units of affordable housing, ground floor retail, community space, a computer lab, commercial kitchen, and a café for the buildings' residents--on their website. The company also announces that the Galaxy project is part of Step Up in Hollywood, a campaign from nonprofit housing developers Step Up on Second and Hollywood Community Housing Corporation that aims to "develop the financial resources needed to acquire, develop and operate 200 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certified permanent supportive home units (for homeless and/or mentally ill people) using multiple green technologies by 2014."

· Old Vine St. Hotel Becoming Supportive Housing [Curbed LA]

Galaxy Inn

1057 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA