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Why Does LAX Have Creepy Sterile White Passageways?

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Hey, why are there passageways at LAX that make you feel like you're headed to the afterlife or an alien abduction or the third act of 2001? The Street has the answer! A reader wrote in to complain about the tunnel between terminals five (Delta, et al) and six (Alaska, et al), the "long, narrow corridor bathed in fluorescent light, without windows or clear signage, filled with echoes of conversations and seemingly leading from one dead end to another" (and to add to the creep factor, the reader writes that it has "white walls with a few pictures that made it look like somebody had started to decorate it, then forgot about it.") There's also a similar hall between terminals four and five.

Turns out they're left over from a time before the 1984 Olympics overhauled the city, "when the terminals were stand-alone satellites," according to an LAX rep. When the airport was revamped that year, the white death tunnels were closed; but after September 11, "the time required for passenger screening increased and the benefit increased for keeping passengers who connect at different terminals from having to be screened twice." Now terminal six has gotten an upgrade, but terminal five is still waiting on its renovation--when that's finished, the rep says that "attention will be paid to the tunnel that connects the two terminals."
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