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William Kesling's Skinner House Hits the Market in Silver Lake

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There aren't a lot of houses left designed by streamline moderne-ist William Kesling, but a whole crop have hit the market in the past year or so. Now here's the Skinner House, which was built in 1937 and sits in a little cluster of Keslings in Silver Lake. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #856 and includes an original kitchen, a superslick magnesite and chrome stairway, a patio with fountain, and a non-original den. The house last sold in 2007 for $1.495 million; the owners are now apparently prepared to take a loss, asking $1.395 million.
· 1530 Easterly Terrace - SILVER LAKE [Red X Real Estate]
· 1530 North EASTERLY Ter [Redfin]