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Beverly Center Getting Revamp By Italian Firm Studio Fuksas

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ltalian firm Studio Fuksas has been selected to revamp the desperately-in-need-of-a-revamp Beverly Center, reports the Architect's Newspaper blog. Michigan-based developer Taubman Group is overseeing the renovation project, but an official announcement has yet to be released. A/N postulates that Fuksas, known for the "ethereal lightness" of the Fiera in Milan, could be the perfect architect for the bulky Bev Center job. The Beverly Center, which first opened in 1982, has surprised observers for years with continued success, despite its monolithic, Death Star-like presence in the middle of the LA basin, not to mention its dated interiors and exterior. It's already gotten a couple of minor improvements (like those glassy escalators) in the past few years. Fuksas beat out such venerable competition as John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects and Brooks+Scarpa to win the assignment.
· Fuksas to Redesign LA's Beverly Center [A/N Blog]