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Ritz Hotel/Condos For Santa Monica?, TOD Summit Tomorrow

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SANTA MONICA: The busy bees at Bisnow hear that "Sonnenblick Development and Ritz-Carlton are actively looking at a specific block in Santa Monica to do a $150M high-rise hotel project." Verrrrry interesting (no mention of which block, by the way). Bob Sonnenblick told the newsletter that "the project is envisioned as a 200-room Ritz-Carlton hotel, along with about 120k SF of branded condos plus some ground-floor retail." [Curbed Inbox]

UNIVERSITY PARK: The Urban Land Institute is holding its third annual Transit-Oriented Development Summit tomorrow at USC. Mayor Villaraigosa will speak and talk will focus on development around the Red and Expo Lines and on Measure R, the sales tax that's helping pay for many of our rail lines (and which could be extended). Things start bright and early at 7:30 am. More info here. [Curbed Inbox]