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Brand + Wilson the Latest Mid-Rise Mixed-User For DT Glendale

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Glendale-watcher Tropico Station reports that the "last piece of open land in Downtown Glendale" has sold and is getting a sizeable mixed-use project: Brand + Wilson (at Brand and Wilson) would have 238 residential units (including six townhouses) and 10,000 square feet of commercial space in six stories, along with two courtyards, a green roof, 388 parking spaces, and 84 bike parking spaces. The city council approved the project in an initial design review last week. This is a bigtime scaling-down for the site--the previous developer had planned to build an 18- and a 20-story tower with condos and hotel rooms. This mid-rise mixed-use thing is on a roll in downtown Glendale--the Laemmle Lofts are planned right nearby, and the Lex on Orange project is just up Brand a bit.
· Brand & Wilson Project: 238 Residential Units + Retail [Tropico Station]