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Major New Santa Monica Park Getting Weather Controlling Art

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Santa Monica's Santa Monica Commons park, designed by Field Operations, the people behind New York's much-beloved High Line, is getting a piece of public art called "Weather Field" that actually controls the weather. "Weather Field," by artist Inigo Manglano-Ovalle isn't quite final yet, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports, but tentatively it'll have "49 poles extending 20 feet into the air capped with contraptions that under normal circumstances would measure wind direction and speed. The weather instrumentation will move under the power of the sea breezes, each influencing the direction of the air like the runnels of the park itself to create a small microclimate in the air above the site." The piece will also "evoke a flock of creatures, each subtly affected by its neighbor." Permits are still being finalized for the piece, which is a little tricky because it's supposed to stand in the park "in perpetuity." Enjoy our magic weather machine, mind-reading future post-humans.
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